How much children can learn from their grandparents!

How much children can learn from their grandparents!

I always thought that children who live close to grandparents are more fortunate. The few moments that I have shared with my grandparents, since they lived very far from our home, have been etched in my memory with great tenderness and affection. I have not gotten to know them as I would have liked, but there are habits like praying every night and liking to hear stories, which I keep from my grandmother, the only one who stayed with us the longest.

To me, my grandparents always they inspired me with patience, care, confidence and tranquility. When my grandfather died, my grandmother spent some time in our house, and I loved to snuggle in his arms, caress his gray hair, his wrinkled skin ... but above all I loved that he told me stories from other times, about his family, from when he fell in love and married my grandfather at 18, his children, my mother when I was little ...

My grandmother was in no rush at all, she was always willing to stop doing everything she was doing to be with us. After all, it's what she liked best. With my grandmother, we also ate 'marvelous'. The meat and cheese dumplings she made were the best. My grandmother smelled of lavender perfume, even in the kitchen when she was making pasta and homemade jams.

Although she was only with us for a short time, my grandmother gave us endless satisfactions. Their way of being, of looking, of intervening and caring for us was different from that of our parents. My grandmother was not there to educate us. She barely lived with us. He taught us things and details that our parents didn't have time or didn't think were important at the time. My grandmother taught me to properly hold the cutlery, to sit 'like an older girl', to put on my first bra, to carry my bag, to make the bed right ... Many things that I did not dare to talk to my parents I was talking to my grandmother. She gave me part of the emotional richness that I have and that only a grandmother can offer.

Today, when I perceive in some families that grandparents are alone to take and look for their grandchildren to school, to take care of them on vacation, and even to become household employees with the iron or the kitchen ... I realize that they are not they are valuing them enough as they should. Rather they abuse this resource.

Grandparents have stopped being that figure of support and affection for the grandchildren to become their mere caregivers, a resource for the economic savings of the family. They don't realize that grandparents also have their needs, their chores, their own wishes, projects, and priorities. Society changes, but despite that, grandparents continue to transmit experiences of another way of life and of understanding things. Think that the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is not only beneficial for the little ones. Grandchildren are also a great source of love and knowledge for grandparents.

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