5 foods to stimulate children's brains

5 foods to stimulate children's brains

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is always the best so that our children have a good dose of energy both physically and mentally, but especially in times of stress, exams, or towards the end of the course, when fatigue takes its toll and The need for a vacation is evident in the little ones.

Within the Mediterranean diet, some nutrients in particular are characterized by helping the body to obtain maximum performance, and can help make these periods more bearable. These are the 5 foods that stimulate the brain of children.

1. The egg It contains two ingredients that are related to an improvement in neuronal connections and brain activity, choline, and phospholipids. Eggs are the main contribution of choline in the diet, while phospholipids can also be found in other foods, such as nuts.

2. Whole grains and pasta They provide carbohydrates that the body converts into glucose for the proper functioning of the brain. These complex carbohydrates are used slowly as needed, thus keeping energy levels constant. Unlike their refined counterparts, they also contain B vitamins that contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system

3. The fruitUnlike cereals and pasta, it provides simple sugars, or what is the same, immediate energy. Among the fruits, the banana has a very attractive mineral content to promote concentration, thanks to its potassium content, necessary for many of the reactions that take place in the brain.

4. Milk and dairy products They are very interesting due to their calcium and tryptophan content, which are not directly related to concentration, but to rest after exercise, both mental and physical. Calcium is related to blood pressure control, and helps to relax the nerves, while tryptophan combines with vitamin B6 to generate serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter related to well-being, relaxation and calm, necessary for the brain to recover after exertion.

5. Red meat They contain iron and zinc, other essential micronutrients that promote concentration. Specifically, zinc deficiency is related to lack of attention, so it is convenient to have an appropriate contribution. In addition, they also provide tryptophan and phosphorus, the latter related to the proper functioning of neurons.

Although these 5 foods stimulate children's brains, It is not necessary or healthy to exceed the consumption of any of these nutrients, since an increase in their contribution above the usual recommendations is not related to an increase in the ability to concentrate or improved performance.

And, although children tend not to do so, it should be remembered that the water supply is vital, since good hydration promotes concentration and brain performance.

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