How to make time for ourselves

How to make time for ourselves

Being a mother is one of the most exhausting tasks I have ever done in my life. Much more than studying or going to work, much more than the seven moves I have had to make in my life and much more than the time I gave myself to kill myself in the gym to get in shape and get into a bikini.

And it is that, indeed, when you focus on your children and your home, the world is reduced considerably, it seems that we have all the time in the world for ourselves, when we are really investing it in organizing the life and space of the entire family. Nevertheless, make time for ourselves, it is possible.

Among that maelstrom of schools, tutoring, washing machines, birthdays, extracurricular activities, cleaning, meals, snacks and dinners, we can barely steal a few minutes a day to be able to think about ourselves.

There are days when I forget to pee, and I shower when the girls fall asleep so that I can be calm without having to give directions about where the Malibu Barbie is, what I'm going to do for dinner, or act as a judge and a party in any war conflict that has been developed in my living room.

However, scientific studies and mothers around the world, confirm that a time of respite provides physical and mental health to be able to face the next day without running out to climb Machupichu and never come back.

How can we find time for ourselves out of all that maelstrom? Do not despair, there are tricks that you must put in place as soon as you realize that, unless there is a hecatomb, the day will continue to have 24 hours.

1- Inform the family that you are going to take a break. It is important for them to know so that they are able to solve problems on their own.

2- Be selfish for half an hour a day. Respect your times and make others respect them. If you have decided to take a shower or foam bath, watch a movie or paint your toenails, don't give in, it's your time and you should respect it. The first days your family will find it strange and the children will want to interrupt you, but when they see that it is something habitual, they will begin to leave you your space.

3- Delegate to others, or leave some tasks for another day. Surely there are not so important things that require all your attention, so let the children do it alone, that will help them in their growth and self-esteem, and you can rest those minutes.

4- Get organized. Take a few minutes a day to get your priorities in order and make the most of your time as possible, so at the end of the day you may have been able to scratch a few minutes to call your friends and let off steam.

5- Take advantage of any moment to dedicate it to you. While studying or doing homework, while taking a nap or watching cartoons. Forget that the clothes are wet in the washing machine, that there is dust on the furniture or that the dinner is frozen ... there are times when your peace of mind and living the moments with joy is more important than having the house clean.

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