Things children never forget about parents

Things children never forget about parents

Everything that happens in childhood is something that influences the rest of life. When we are children we remember all those experiences that were shocking even if their nature was positive or negative, and will accompany us in the future.

These experiences, good or bad, lived by children allow them to develop control over their emotions. That is, they can control the way in which they adapt to the perceived stimuli around them. And is that, there are things that children never forget about their parents.

All parents want an excellent education for their children. Today it is easy to find parents who care about the future of their children and who become responsible and useful people for society. The problem appears when more effort is made to think about “tomorrow” than to plant the foundations that support a logical and consistent criterion in parenting.

Many strategies and styles can be used to educate children. We can be authoritarian, democratic, or permissive parents. But what is really important and what will impact their education will be the example that as parents we can teach.

Although it seems that your children are too young to understand what is happening around them, they are capable of noticing everything that is happening. What's more, they love to discover what is happening in their environment. For this reason, it is important to know how to be an example for the little ones and what will be the most impactful experiences for them and they will never forget:

- The relationship of the parents. The relationship that occurs in the couple between mother and father can mark the romantic relationships of the children. If the relationship is conflictive, this creates anguish in the child and the child is likely to misbehave to attract attention and deflect the problem. If the relationship is one of respect, the child is likely to be caring and respectful in their relationships in the future.

- Lack of attention. Children will receive the love they need through the attention that parents show them. That is, spending time with them, listening to them, giving them advice when they ask for it, etc. When this does not happen the children think they are abandoned.

- When you feel protected. Children's fears are more perfidious than those of adults since they cannot distinguish between the real and the imaginary when they are young. Parents are the figure that gives them the feeling of security before this situation. Therefore, it is important for the adult to show their attention to these fears without criticizing or minimizing them. Thus, a strong parent-child bond will be created that will provide a lot of security for the little ones.

- Comparisons with others. Many times we adults are given to compare our children with their own brothers, cousins ​​or friends. Against this we must remember that each child is unique and that as parents we must enhance the good and instill the effort to improve but without competing with others to achieve it since rivalry can create resentments and affect relationships.

- Beware of abuse. Educating children through bullying will only teach fear and violence to the little one. This will become the vehicle for self-esteem and resentment. The child will become unstable. It is better to use communication rather than imposition.

- The family. It is important that the family is prioritized in different situations. Thus children learn the value of loyalty and affection. Enjoy joint celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, etc.

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