Feng shui An ideal room for children

Feng shui An ideal room for children

Who does not like to enter a room and breathe an air of order, tranquility and welcoming? The bedroom is one of the most important places in our life. It should be the place of rest and sleep. If you want your child to wake up more relaxed, at peace with himself, with the vitality and energy he needs to face day-to-day tasks, follow some tips on how to achieve good Feng Shui.

Feng shui, an ancient technique, proposes that:

The crib or the bed must be the protagonist of the room. Everything must be arranged around her, in due proportion and distance. It is recommended that when placing the headboard it is taken into account that what the child sees from his bed or crib will always be the first and last thing that he will keep in his memory. For this reason, what he sees from the moment he goes to bed or gets up should be an image that transmits peace and rest.

The more balanced this perception, the more relaxed the little one will feel. If possible, the bed or crib should not face directly toward any door or window, or into an open hallway, or into a bathroom. Nor should it be under a water tank. Piped walls can promote insomnia by stimulating vital energy. The way the crib or bed is oriented, according to the cardinal points, also has its meaning. Example:

- A south facing bed, strengthens intuition and stimulates dreams and retention capacity

- A North facing bed, promotes health and vital energy

- A east facing bed, causes dynamism and the will to live

- A west facing bed, constitutes a good mechanism against stress and agitation.

You should avoid putting some devices or objects next to the bed or crib that can promote nervousness, restlessness and insomnia, such as a computer, a bicycle, a television, plants, or a mirror. Mirrors should not be placed in plain sight. It is advised that they are inside the closet.

As for the television, putting it in front of the bed or the crib, will damage the balance or the Feng Shui of the children's bedroom. Better that children fall asleep through a story, a lullaby or a good read.

- The sofas, armchairs or couches are compatible and consistent with the bed or crib because they suggest the same pleasure and intimacy.

- The sheets and duvets or bedspreads also influence the Feng Shui of the room. It is recommended that they have warm colors, smooth, soft and flat tones. Stripes and exaggerated prints do not convey warmth or warmth.

- The edges of the furniture, bed, crib or cabinets, should not be excessively sharp. The spikes are elements that can unbalance the decorative harmony. Better to opt for the rounded edges and simple design.

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