Special Back to School for children

Special Back to School for children

The expenses of going back to school, the adaptation of the children according to their age, the post-vacation syndrome, the most suitable extracurricular activities for your children according to their age and character, school homework and the best tips for buying backpacks for children. children. You will find all this and much more in this Special, which we have prepared for you about the Back to school 2017/18.

It's not as hot as before. The memories of the holidays are being left behind and now the moment demands a new challenge for the family: entering the nursery school or nursery, or the back to school. All this implies more discipline, meeting schedules, buying clothes or uniforms, books, and an infinity of commitments, which require an effort for both children and parents.

Adaptation of babies to school. The adaptation to the bilingual nursery school of babies. GuiaInfantil clarifies the doubts that arise to parents, when the child is going to start in a nursery in which the priority language is English

Adaptation to the school of preschool children. Adaptation to school for babies and young children. In early childhood, everything is new for children, but with the help and understanding of parents and educators, their adjustment to school will be much more pleasant. How should be the process of adaptation of a baby to school to avoid trauma.

Adaptation to the children's school. Back to school. Adaptation. Interview with Elvira Sánchez-Igual. The period of adaptation to school and nursery school. Going back to school is a change in the routine of many children, while, for others, it is their first time. Pay attention to all our advice on adapting children to school.

The beginning of school. The beginning of school is always a different experience for children that, at times, can be hard. To alleviate this situation, the first time the child goes to school he needs a period of adaptation.

15 tips to prepare for going back to school. 15 best tips to prepare children for their return to school. Children's health check-ups. Returning or entering school is an ideal time to perform a series of basic reviews. The sight, the ear, the back or the mouth, among others. It is important for the child to start school healthy.

How to prepare for going back to school. How to prepare the children for their return to school. What are the basics of going back to school? What do children need to start classes and what do they lack for anything? Here is a small list of items to review and have prepared.

Tips for parents back to school. The first days of school, the post-vacation syndrome, the expenses of going back to school, the choice of extracurricular activities or the uniform are just some of the aspects that parents have to face when their children start the school year. The psychologist Elvira Sánchez-Igual, director of Communication of AMEI (World Association of Early Childhood Educators) offers us some good advice to successfully face going back to school.

The beginning of school for children with cochlear implants. Adapting children with hearing problems to school requires the collaboration of parents, students and teachers. Children with a cochlear implant need specialized care that is sensitive to their needs and limitations.

Buy school supplies online. If before we chose the Internet to buy trips, books or clothes, now we have also started buying our children's school supplies at the click of a button. So much so that almost 50% of families choose this medium to get uniforms, textbooks, backpacks ...

Save on school expenses. Now is the time to face the expenses of going back to school for the children. What can parents do so that their expenses with books and school supplies do not skyrocket.

The backpack and the back of the children. Experts say that children's school bags should not exceed 15% of their weight. The excessive weight that most schoolchildren carry in their huge backpacks and, on their shoulders, is leading many children to suffer back injuries, due to overexertion and muscle fatigue.

How to label school supplies. If you have children of school age, surely you have already considered the dilemma of how to put their name and surname on clothes and school supplies. We offer you some tips to make the task easier, either by putting the name by means of labels on the garments or the name and surname in books and notebooks.

School uniform: advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a school uniform. Elvira Sánchez-Igual, AMEI Communication Director tells us why it is better and why it is worse for your children to wear a uniform, whether it be pants or skirts, to go to school. Don't miss out on these tips for parents.

Post-vacation stress on going back to school. Post-vacation syndrome causes physical and mental discomfort also in children. To prevent these problems, experts advise that parents help their children to regain the school routine, at least a week before starting school.

Stress when going back to school. Post-holiday stress and the children's return to school. With the return to school, the children have had to change their schedules and their vacation habits to the school rhythm, but although they are very sensitive to changes, they adapt much better to new situations.

When the child does not want to go to school. In early childhood, everything is new for children. Why does the child refuse to go to school? With or without professional help, you can help the child and solve the problem.

The anguish of going back to school. Returning to the routine of children becomes even more difficult when it comes to going back to school. Many families have just arrived on vacation and their tasks are suddenly tripled. Whether or not they are proactive parents, they end up stressed out in the end, and their stress can affect children as well.

Sports extracurricular activities. The best extracurricular sports activities for children. Sport is crucial for the physical and mental development of children. Through sports activities we can help them learn behavioral values. Learn about the benefits of sport for the physical and mental development of children.

School learning activities. Extracurricular learning activities are a way to develop children's interests and promote their capacities at school and study. We show you how you can choose the best extracurricular learning activities for children, as they can be a help at school.

Resume the sleep routine back to school. We give you some tips to resume your sleep routine when you go back to school. How to recover sleeping habits after the holidays. Returning to activities after a long vacation is not an easy task. Learn the recommendations of an expert to fully rest at night and get up eagerly in the morning.

Lice also return to school. Lice also return to school, like children. We explain how it is contagious, how to detect them, fight them and why some parents feel embarrassed by their child's lice.

Crafts for back to school. We can make going back to school a very fun time and even that the children want with enthusiasm. The smallest of the house love to prepare their cases, pens and notebooks but this time, from our site we propose to make them at home and personalize them. They will be the attraction of the rest of colleagues.

Stories for back to school. On our site we have prepared a selection of children's stories that will help your child back to school. The little ones will be able to understand what things happen in a school and will be able to face their first day.

School songs. Learn the lyrics of the 9 school songs best known to children. Recall the children's songs that were always sung in the classroom. They are good morning songs, goodbye songs, songs to learn or simply for children to dance and have a fun time.

Recipes to make a healthy lunch box. A series of healthy, delicious and simple recipes that you can add to your children's lunchbox. They are recipes with carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins for their proper growth. Quick and delicious snack recipes, for the children's school, so that they face their day to day with energy.

Snacks for back to school. Recipes for children's snacks at school. Sandwiches and sandwiches to take to school. What children eat at school. Infant feeding. Healthy snacks for children.

Snacks for back to school. Sandwiches recipes for children's snack. The time of the snack is important in the feeding of the children. That is why we propose some guidelines and children's recipes for back-to-school snacks. Healthy and tasty snacks and sandwiches for children.

The expenses of going back to school. The Confederation of Consumers and Users of Spain (CECU) calculates the costs that families will have to face this year in order to return to school for the 2015/2016 academic year: it will be between 300 and 700 euros per child for 60% of the families

The school agenda in the return to school. The use of the agenda has become an indispensable element to study in an organized way. From the second year of Primeria, children come home with homework and bringing them signed up is an advantage for both schoolchildren and their parents.

Back to school without drama. Going back to school should not become a drama. There is no excuse for starting the first days of school lazily. We tell you how you can help your child to start school with enthusiasm.

Advice at the door of the school. Back to school will have pushed a lot of kids out of bed this week. And on our site we want to ask you these questions. How are your children going back to school? What advice do you give your children when you leave them at the door of the school or school?

Make the children go to school happy. What to do so that children go to school with desire and will. Follow some tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics to help children manage anxiety.

Back to school. Return of the child to school, college or nursery. It requires more discipline, meeting schedules, shopping, and other commitments for children and parents.

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