The dragon of words. Monster tale for children

The dragon of words. Monster tale for children

The dragon of words is a monster tale for kids that will make children reflect on the importance of books and the learning they bring to people who have a taste for reading.

A beautiful story that gives them a great lesson and that, in addition to promoting the habit of reading in children, will provide them with very entertaining moments through its fun story. Enjoy reading with your children this story about an evil witch and her sweet tooth Dragon, who ate letters, phrases, and books to prevent people from approaching him world of reading.

It is said that some years ago he lived in a castle in Europe An evil witch, apparently she was so powerful that she could cast her spells to all parts of the world.

The witch knew that books meant progress and freedom for the people, and therefore did not grant the possibility of the people approaching the reading. To achieve his goal, he gave his dragon all the existing books to eat. The cunning witch was afraid that people would know more than she, that she would learn to think and that in this way they would rise up against her and strip her of her power.

So time passed and people little by little forgot to read and think for themselves. The children communicated only through signs and without the slightest idea of ​​what the words were and their meaning. Nobody taught them to read.

The dragon of the terrible witch sadly watched what was happening to the people. So one day he made an important decision: to fight the witch and give back to men the gift of wisdom. In front of the witch, the dragon opened its mouth determined to expel a great blaze of fire, but such was his surprise that when he tried, he did not achieve his goal. The poor thing only expelled words, of so many books he had eaten.

Impressed, the dragon blew and blew until it managed to expel each of the words it had eaten. Phrases, prayers, and lost books came out of its jaws! The vowels danced, the fairytale characters searched for their home, and fluttered over the faces of the crowd, which had crowded, before the noise, in front of the castle of the wicked witch.

Thus the power of the hateful witch was weakened until she was buried between tons of books, coming from the drafts of the dragon's breath.

Thanks to the good deed of the dragon, men regained their freedom and free thought; The children also learned to speak and think, little by little they were collecting each one of the books, ready to place them in the libraries, in the schools and in their homes.

After this they thanked the dragon for having freed them from that terrible curse. They all lived happily ever after! And colorin colorado this story is over.

If you hear somewhere the rumor of a legend that says, "Once upon a time there was a dragon of words," run to a nearby book, hold it tight, and read it. Some still say that so that a book never disappears or is missing, that dragon watches over us and keeps us ...

Story version "The dragon of words" scored by Almudena Orellana Palomares when we have the information.

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