The tiger and the cow. Caribbean story with values ​​for children

The tiger and the cow. Caribbean story with values ​​for children

The promises are to be fulfilled. There is nothing worse than breaking them for your own benefit. And even worse to use a lie. This in itself is the main message that this precious tale from the Caribbean islands transmits to us. offers you this adapted version of the original folk tale: 'The tiger and the cow'. The protagonists explain to us through a complex situation why one should never lie and why we must be honest in any situation. Beautiful Latin American story for children.

There was a cow grazing calm when suddenly he heard a heartbroken cry, that came from among some bushes. He approached to see what was happening, and found a tiger, caught by the trunk of a tree that had fallen on him. The poor tiger was trapped and badly injured. The tiger was very happy to see the cow, and begged:

- Please help me get out of here! I just can't get rid of this log ...

The cow felt sorry and wanted to help her, but she also thought that if she did, the tiger might later attack her. But the tiger, seeing her doubt, said again:

- Please, cow. If you help me, I won't do you any harm. I promise.

The cow was afraid, because it did not trust the tiger too much. But his good heart made him reconsider. She always wanted to be a good cow and had to act according to these principles, so, taking a risk, the cow pushed the trunk with her head and managed to free the tiger.

The tiger ran away as soon as he felt released. He was hurt, exhausted, and most of all, hungry. And suddenly he looked at the cow licking his lips. He had not eaten for a week, and before his eyes the cow was a delicious delicacy. The tiger approached her and the cow, who immediately realized what he was trying to do, said to her, overcoming the fear she felt:

- Tiger! You can't eat me! You promised me! I just saved your life!

- I know - answered the tiger- But if I don't eat you, I'll starve. I have no choice!

- I knew I couldn't trust you! You're a liar! - The cow told him.

And when the tiger was about to pounce on the cow, an intelligent and sweet rabbit appeared there, alarmed when he saw that scene, he asked:

- But what happens here? Why are you arguing?

The cow explained what was happening, relieved, and told her how she saved the tiger and he promised not to hurt her, and how the tiger now wants to break his promise. And the tiger, for his part, explained to the rabbit why he should eat the cow, thus justifying the lie he had told the cow.

The rabbit, famous in the place for being able to solve very complex conflicts, thought for a while, after having listened to the two versions, and said:

- In order to make my verdict known, I need to check on the scene how everything happened. Please, can you explain well what happened, recreating it again?

So he asked the tiger to go back to the same place where the cow found him, and the cow to put the tree trunk back on the tiger. This way I could relive the scene again ...

The tiger, immobilized again, said:

- That's how I was when the cow arrived ...

At that moment, the rabbit turned to the cow and said:

- Run away, cow, it's your time to escape!

The cow did not think twice and ran. And the rabbit, once sure that the cow was far away, helped the tiger out of there and said:

- Tiger, I hope you learned your lesson. Never use lies for your own interests again. And above all: be honest and never break a promise.

The tiger, repentant, left with his head bowed, reflecting and starving. He had just learned the importance of an essential value: honesty.

Help your son understand the message of this story with these simple questions. You can reflect with him on the importance of being honest and using the truth in life.

- What was wrong with the tiger? Why I cried?

- What did the tiger promise the cow if it helped him? Did he fulfill it?

- Why did the tiger say that it needed to eat the cow?

- What did the rabbit do to solve the problem?

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