What is secretin therapy?

Secretin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the intestine. It's important for a healthy gut and digestion. This therapy involves giving secretin to people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Who is secretin therapy for?

This therapy can be used for anyone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There are no age restrictions, although studies have focused on children and teenagers with ASD.

What is secretin therapy used for?

It's claimed that secretin therapy can reduce the behaviour characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Secretin might also be given to someone as a way of working out how well the pancreas is functioning or to pick up problems in the digestive system.

Where does secretin therapy come from?

This therapy comes from observations of three children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These three children were given secretin when they were having endoscopies. It was claimed that the dose of secretin led to improvements in their behaviour. As a result, secretin gained popularity as a potential ASD therapy.

What is the idea behind secretin therapy?

This therapy is based on the idea that problems with the stomach and digestion in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can interfere with their ability to focus on and develop skills like communicating with others.

It's claimed that when these digestion problems are managed, children with ASD are 'freed up' to focus on developing skills.

What does secretin therapy involve?

This therapy involves giving an injection of either natural or synthetic secretin to the person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

There are no standard therapeutic guidelines about the use of secretin for the treatment of ASD. Most studies have given people a single dose. Others have given more than one dose (usually 4-6 weeks apart).

Cost considerations

The cost of secretin therapy varies depending on whether trained therapists are involved in administering the therapy.

Does secretin therapy work?

High-quality research has shown that this therapy is ineffective or might be harmful.

Australian and international guidelines state that secretin therapy should not be used as an intervention for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Who practises this method?

Secretin is not approved for use in Australia. If it is used, a doctor must supervise its use and administration (this is the case for any medicine).

Parent education, training, support and involvement

There are no support or training services available for this therapy.

Where can you find a practitioner?

Secretin is not approved for use in Australia, so no information is available on who might provide the therapy in this country.

You should talk with your GP or paediatrician or a paediatric dietitian if you're considering this therapy. You could also talk with your NDIA planner, NDIS early childhood partner or NDIS local area coordination partner, if you have one.

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