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Sex education and talking with children about sex: 9-11 years

Talking about sex and sexuality with children: 9-11 years It's never too early to talk with your child about sex. Talking about sex, sexuality and bodies as your child moves towards puberty can help your child understand that sex and sexuality are typical, healthy parts of life. Open and honest conversations when your child is young can make later conversations easier .
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Breastfeeding: how partners can help

Why it's important for partners to support breastfeeding mums Breastfeeding is something that you and your partner can do as a team. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and support can be crucial as your partner learns how to breastfeed. And if your partner is finding it hard to breastfeed, you can boost her confidence and help her overcome challenges.
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Preschool bullying: helping your child

Bullying at preschool Bullying can be devastating for children's confidence and self-esteem, especially in the preschool years. If your child is being bullied at preschool, he needs lots of love and support, both at home and at preschool. He also needs to know that you'll take action to prevent any further bullying.
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40 weeks pregnant

You at 40 weeks pregnant Congratulations, you've reached your due date ! If you haven't gone into labour yet, don't worry. Very few babies arrive on their due dates, and around half of all pregnancies go past 40 weeks. Even at 41-42 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is still likely to be going very well - although you might be feeling pretty tired and uncomfortable.
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What is appendicitis? Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix - that is, the appendix gets red, swollen and irritated. The appendix is a small finger-like tube that grows out of the large bowel. Appendicitis symptoms The main symptom of appendicitis is stomach pain. Appendicitis pain usually starts in the middle of your child's stomach near his belly button.
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Cooking with kids and teenagers

Benefits of cooking with kids Cooking with kids - from toddlers to teenagers - has a lot of benefits. As well as being fun, cooking with your child: gives you the chance to introduce him to fresh, healthy food helps him learn about how different foods look and where they come from helps him develop healthy eating habits because he's more likely to try healthy food that he has helped to cook helps him learn about family traditions, recipes and foods prepares him for cooking for himself or the family in later years helps build his maths skills - for example, when he measures liquid in a jug helps build his vocabulary - for example, when you read a recipe together.
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